Question: Help me choose my next tripod!
Bogen / Manfrotto 055MF3 Magfiber @ $299 - 6 (14%)
Bogen / Manfrotto 055MF4 Magfiber @ $324 - 6 (14%)
Bogen / Manfrotto 3021Pro @ $149 - 6 (14%)
Gitzo G-1220 Reporter @ $264 - 1 (2.3%)
Gitzo G-1227 Mountaineer Reporter Mk2 @ $464 - 5 (11.6%)
Gitzo G-1228 Mountaineer Reporter Mk2 @ $481 - 16 (37.2%)
Gitzo G-1297 Reporter Basalt Tripod Legs @ $324 - 3 (7%)
Total Voters: 2

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Author Topic: Help me choose my next tripod!  (Read 7555 times)
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« Reply #20 on: May 14, 2005, 09:52:49 AM »

The 1348 will give you even more height. Either will work as described.
The 1348 fully extends to almost 66" at the base plate with no center column, taller including the ballhead.

I'm 5' 11". The tripod/ballhead/EOS 1D2 combination at full extension puts the viewfinder uncomfortably above my eye level.

Any rigidity problems with all four leg sections extended? I have heard some complaints about this with the 1348.

Don't mean to sound like a twerp--I just don't have local access to one of these to try it out.

Thanks a lot.

michael sebastian
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« Reply #21 on: June 07, 2005, 12:04:21 AM »

I chose the bogen 3221 which is very similar to the 3021.

The reason I chose it, besides price, was the removable center column. By mounting the head on the tripod without the center column, the tripod is of course lighter, but more importantly it is easy to to set the camera at almost ground level without resorting to hanging the camera upside down from the center column. Even without the center column the tripod goes high enough for me (i'm 5'8").

If I had more cash, I would choose a carbon fiber version for lightness, but this tripod has proved enormously flexible as far as positioning the camera and I think I made the right choice for myself.

Bruce Alan Greene
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« Reply #22 on: June 28, 2005, 02:56:41 PM »

My vote went to the 055MF4 for the following reasons:

- better value than Gitzo equivalent's
- tall enough without centre column (I'm 5'7")
- allows low-angle shots where Gitzo's require add-on parts
- weight to capacity ratio is good and sufficient for my needs
- quiet/adjustable leg locks
- rigid and easily serviced in Canada with wide parts availability
- centre colum can be detached and left at home for weight savings
- centre column can go in laterally for shooting straight down and to the side
- compact 4 section, but not flimsy
- reasonable price for CF

Hope this helps.

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