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CrazySite update
« on: September 28, 2007, 12:38:04 PM »

Any forum users who purchased the original phpCrazySite Version 1.01 - if you could please email me at [email protected] so I can send you the free upgrade Version 1.02.

Because of my hectic photographic assignment schedule this year, I have not been able to complete the anticipated major version that will be out as soon as I am able to dedicate the time. I have however recently completed a minor version upgrade that includes some significant fixes. Visually there is little difference  between version 1.01 and version 1.02, but code wise there are improvements mostly with cross browser display issues. Here is a CHANGELOG for version 1.02:

PCS phpCrazySite Version 1.02 CHANGELOG

* Right Click Disable added for page protection (requested feature)
* fixed CSS background issue when displaying in Safari - where the stored background color would not show
* fixed confusing "Option Not Available" message on Plugin dropdown
* fixed Menu alignment issue in some browsers - could not be set to left, center, right
* removed " No content associated with plugin" error message from displaying in the main area - would show up with slow loading background images
* set FlashViewer Plugin default to No-Scroll so that embedded flash slideshows do not contain scrolling bars - most use this iFrame plugin for showing flash conent like ShowIt where scrollbars show if the page is not sized properly, future versions will have option of turning the scrollbars OFF or ON so that longer webpages can also be embedded
* changed setting in WYSIWYG editor so that double lines are not added to text in IE browsers - this was a result of <p> tags being added with the Enter key and IE interpretting the code wronglyand adding a double line, Firefox handles the return properly
* added external style sheet for cached set styles
* added external javascript for right click disable - also left and right key navigation for the SimpleSlideShow plugin


One Note - I have recently discovered that the WYSIWYG editor that is part of the phpCrazySite does not allow formatted editing when using the Safari browser. The writer hopes to have Safari compatability at some point. The WYSIWYG editor can be used as a plain Text Editor where html coded content can be entered and saved - but you will not benefit from the visual javascript tag insertion that is the case when using the editor in all other web browsers. I personally use the Firefox Web Browser for all of my web design work and highly recommend it for editing the phpCrazySite.
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