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Author Topic: FS: Canon 200 1.8  (Read 1966 times)


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FS: Canon 200 1.8
« on: September 23, 2007, 06:16:15 AM »

You know what this lens is. Serial is 12xxx. Glass is pristine, and the body is in excellent shape. Slight paint markings but nothing special. The foot has been machined to have a second tripod hole (tripod plates often have two mount points, a screw and a knew). A screw is missing from the lens hood (it's not one of the mount screws. I purchased some other screws from Canon parts, but bought the wrong size). Finally, there is a small dimple in the lens hood.

Of course none of this affects the optical quality. It is, quite simply, the sharpest lens Canon made.

You would receive the lens and hood, with the leather lens cap, and the old school Canon trunk.

This is my first post on LL regarding selling equipment, but I have a fairly lengthy and quite sterling reputation over at Feel free to do a search for my username in the Buy and Sell forum there. You may also Google my username, I'm a very active member in the photographic community.

Payment details: $4300 firm and net to me. The last 2 200 1.8's I've seen have gone for 4500, but 4300 will work for me. I'd like to sell this, but I'm not in a rush, so please no lowball offers. I'll sit on it before I let it go for less than fair value.

You can pay via paypal, check, MO, or cold hard cash. You pay all fees, as well as shipping of your choice (I wouldn't skimp on the shipping, it's a 200 1.8 after all). Certainly if you pay by a delayed method, such as check or money order, it has to clear before the lens ships.

Anyone in the Phoenix or AZ area? Glad to deal with local buyers and you can test it out. I warn you though, be ready to buy it, cause once you see what this lens can do, you'll want it bad.

Questions, comments (and again, no lowball offers), etc, please msg me.


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