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Author Topic: World Toy Camera Day - October 20, 2007  (Read 1905 times)


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World Toy Camera Day - October 20, 2007
« on: September 09, 2007, 05:34:16 PM »

I doubt many of you guys even know what a Toy Camera is, but what the heck ... can't follow all the sheep in the herd, right? Here's an excerpt from

Regards, Art.

Celebrate World Toy Camera Day on October 20th, 2007


On October 20th the members of and Light Leaks magazine invite photographers from around the world to put down their hi-tech equipment and shoot with a plastic toy camera.

What is a "toy camera" you ask? There are a lot to choose from, some of our favourites are the Holga, Diana and Lomo Supersampler. The basic rule of thumb is they have to be cheap, made of plastic, and have minimal to no controls.

In the tradition of embracing the imperfections of lousy cameras, the members of have been sharing their love for toy cameras for over 10 years. Their ability to be creative with minimal equipment and controls, coupled with a strong sense of community has made a unique, inclusive, and fun online community. In 2006, they started a print magazine called "Light LeaksóLow-fi Photography", and have also welcomed in other creative photographic niches such as pinhole and polaroid photography.

"The photographs that some of these artists can create with what most would consider to be laughable photographic equipment are really amazing, and could easily be hung on any gallery wall around the world" said Michael Barnes. "While most of the world is grasping at the latest megapixels, we continue to embrace 'old-school' film-based equipment, back to the bare bones of photography.

Plan your festivities for World Toy Camera Day on October 20th. Afterwards we invite you to submit your one best photo taken on World Toy Camera Day, and submit it to [email protected] and we'll display them all on, award some super prizes, and publish a select few in Light Leaks magazine.


Media Contact: Michael Barnes (613) 555-5555

Note to editors: contact Light Leaks Press at [email protected] providing your mail address to receive a copy of Light Leaks magazine.

For more information on Light Leaks magazine, visit

High resolution images available at
Visit my website at or my online portfolios at APUG and Model Mayhem
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