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New Zealand
« Reply #20 on: October 23, 2007, 04:16:27 AM »

New Zealand is a small country.  You will see a lot in that time.  I agree with everyone so far.  If you are arriving in Auckland, it would make sense to head north first.  Northland has a lot to offer the traveller and photographer.  Go up one side and down the other and make sure you get to see the very top, it is spectacular.  Further south, the North Island West Coast is a bit of a hidden treasure.  It has quite a coastline.  There is also what is called "The Forgotten Highway", north of Stratford if you look at your map, which is a stunning drive.

Like everyone says, plan to spend a lot of time in the South Island, particularly the west and south.  The hills are bigger, the vistas are grander and the roads are emptier!  It is also more camper-van friendly.

I think your Sony will be just fine for the trip.  I have found in other countries I need a 24mm or wider lens but, somehow, in NZ 28mm is just fine (in the old film SLR terms), so the R1 will work well.  The wildlife here is quite elusive and what you can't catch with the 120mm end is still hard to catch with a 400mm!

Another tip, bring a tripod and umbrella.  Yup, it rains a lot and light levels are often low.  Be prepared for fairly drab colours.  They work well with moody weather but can be disappointing in sunlight.  The forest has very dark tones so underexposing 2/3 to one stop helps no end.

Hope you have a wonderful time.


Martin Archer-Shee

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New Zealand
« Reply #21 on: March 07, 2008, 06:31:37 PM »

New Zealand - WOW

Well, we have returned from our three month tour and are blown away. We were carried kicking and screaming to our plane. Thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We put 12k on our Toyota Hiace camper and had a ball. JohnLamb, I am sorry we did not contact you on going through Dunedin but it was Jan 2 and all was closed. Did get up to see and get a few pictures of albatross.
Someone suggested that Invercarville was the XXX XXXX of the world. I would disagree. It had one of the most beautiful gardens and the people were really kind.
North vs South Island.... Those 2000 year old kauri trees are a sight alone.I know there are preferences but have to say both islands are beautiful. Very different but both beautiful. The beaches on the Coromandel peninsula are spectacular. The mountains around Mt Cook...well? (mind you the sand flies on the west coast of the South island are a question)
Happened to be in the museum in Christ Church on Jan 12 and saw an exhibit the day after  Sir Ed (Hilary) had died. Blew our minds and that the "Royals" were not sending anyone to his funeral. Shame. and dumb... Had been at Cook a few days before.

Can't wait to go back to one of the most spectacular countries.

We had traveled by camper van on a purchase/buyback routine and it worked out perfectly, staying in mostly Dept of Conservation sites.
Pictures. yes, took a few with my new D300 which arrived two days before the trip. Have not sorted or reviewed as yet.


Want to go back.
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