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Author Topic: Web Module and Sharpening  (Read 1759 times)


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Web Module and Sharpening
« on: August 19, 2007, 12:55:46 PM »

Is there a way to tell LR not to resize the images for the web gallery (this option existed in PS CS2 Web Gallery and is also there in CS3)

My starting assumption, and the reason for asking this question, is that LR, like PS Web Gallery, does not sharpen the images after downsizing them.  

Before getting LR, the "fix" I had been using with PS Web Gallery was to simply resize my master image to the size I wanted it to be in the web gallery and carefully use the right amount of output sharpening BEFORE I invoked the web gallery automation.

In the Large Images section of Web Gallery I would tell PS not to resize the images, because they were already at the right downsampled size. Thus, I avoided the problem of my resampled images needing resharpening because of having been resampled down but not having a sharpening option in web gallery.

An alternative I considered, was to go to the folder of downsized images that web gallery created and sharpen them. But that would involve JPEG Re-Compression, something I wanted to avoid.

So, being able to tell PS's Web Gallery not to resize was a great option.

Lacking that option in LR Web, is there a workaround to this situation?
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