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Author Topic: Super Deals on Photo equipment  (Read 1823 times)
William H. Webb
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« on: August 16, 2007, 05:06:51 PM »

Scanview Scanmate 5000 Drum Scanner, new version Color Quartet software, case of drum cleaning fluid, wipes, anti-newton spray,Tessa Tape, 3 extra bulbs,& drum, mint condition, service records available Esko Graphics, $5,000.
Cambo Master PC w/long extension rail, lens hood compendium,6x7 rollfilm back,4x5 Polaroid Back $1200
Gossen Color-Pro 3F Color Temperature Meter $700
Minolta Spot Meter w/ case,lens cap $300
Schneider 5.6 90mm XL Super Angulon lens  $1200
Schneider 5.6 150mm Super-Symmar HM lens $1200
Schneider 5.6 210mm S-Symmar lens    $400
Schneider 6.8 360mm S-Symmar lens    $700
all lenses multi-coated in most impeccable condition
Phase One Power Kit Converter for PowerPhase FX 4x5 scanback, Part # 70506
will work on other Phase One backs as well, purchased brand new used 3 times $800
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