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Author Topic: Camera To Print--ImagePrint question  (Read 2523 times)
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« on: August 14, 2007, 10:15:05 PM »

I learned a lot from this tutorial, especially the later sections on color management, soft proofing, and print output. Really well done, and eminently watchable, unlike so many dry tutorials out there. Thanks guys.

Maybe you can clarify something I might have missed, if you covered it. Jeff makes a convincing case that it's OK, even preferable, to let print resolution "float" without resampling within the 180-480 ppi range when resizing for printing prior to output sharpening. According to this way of thinking, I've been doing things wrong because I almost always re-rez (ie resample) to 360 when I resize (I'm usually printing small so this is normally a DOWNrez with bicubic sharper) because I'd understood that to be the "native" resolution of ImagePrint with my Epson 4000.

By letting output resolution float, am I not merely transferring the resampling/-rezzing stage to ImagePrint? If so, is there anything "wrong" with doing so? Forgive me if you covered this, and I've overlooked it.

Best regards, and thanks again.

michael sebastian
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