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Author Topic: Photography is to art what golf is to sport  (Read 54519 times)

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Photography is to art what golf is to sport
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One aspect to consider is the process by which the artist makes the choices in producing the work.  One way to view this is as an aesthetic challenge or problem and working it through to some kind of conclusion.  This process is in some ways the art itself, and as important if not more, to the artist, than the actual piece.

There is also the element of mystery.  Good art is often provocative, in that it raises questions that are not answered, or even answerable; that makes the audience participate in some of the same search that the artist engaged in, or in a parallel search relevant to the audience.  This kind of art evokes participation by the audience, and can stimulate thought, emotion, comfort, discomfort, etc.

I suppose the goal of the artist also is considered in what is termed "fine art."  I don't think that Picasso's Blue Period came about because he needed something to match the material on his couch.

Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts.
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