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Author Topic: Camera Armor review  (Read 4757 times)

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Camera Armor review
« on: July 30, 2007, 09:14:10 AM »

Michael posted some weeks a go a few lines about a product Camera Armor. Well, at the same time I did a review on the Nikon D200 version of the product.

For many photographers, the camera is regarded as a tool for the photographer in the same way that a hammer is a tool for a carpenter. You use it to take pictures and no emotions attached. You can easily tell these people apart from the people that have photography as a hobby, and therefore keep their gear more precious, just by looking at the physical condition of their gear. The more nicks and cuts a camera body has, the more rigorously it has been used and most probably is regarded as a mere tool by its wielder. I regard myself as a careful shooter - I don't dive into bushes or climb up trees to scout for shots and angles, mostly because I really can't afford a new camera, should this one would end its life by plummeting to a rocky death. Despite this, my camera still has got some spots missing off the paintwork. [..]

The guys at Made Products has most probably anticipated this concern in many photographers, and they have come up with a product called Camera Armor, addressing just this. What's interesting is not what it does - the name gives it away quite well - but how it performs as an armor to your camera.

You are free to read the rest of the article on my website:
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