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Author Topic: B&W infrared--how to rate the ISO??  (Read 1651 times)
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« on: July 07, 2007, 12:53:51 PM »

Hi all,
I am taking a trip round the world, and I had the chance to buy some Kodak HIE infrared in Berlin.  I'd like to shoot it, then mail the film home before I have to face an airport/scanner.

I do have a red # 25 and a red #29 filter with me, so I think I am set in that regard.  But since I've never really done B & W infrared, I have no idea how to rate the film.  I have seen postings at various websites suggesting 100, and 200, and 400.

Assuming I am shooting at mid-day in bright sunlight, what are your suggestions?  [Will your answer change depending on which filter I use?  Or, will the infrared information come in at the same rate, regardless of which filter I pick?]

Hope this question is not too basic.  But I could not find anything here via the Search function.

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