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Author Topic: Bowens QuadX3000 Lighting Kit & more items  (Read 1898 times)
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« on: June 13, 2007, 04:49:17 PM »

I have been happy with my new gear, but have decided to stop professional photography, which is the reason for the sale.
For sale to UK only... sorry, it is too much of a hassle selling and delivering to other countries.
All items are inclusive of VAT and come with a VAT invoice.
All these prices are Massively cheaper than what is currently the price on the Calumet UK website.
They are all as new in perfect condition, and still under warranty.
Make me some offers... Buying multiple items will receive a discount.  
Bowens QuadX 3000 Set - 2350
Set includes one power pack and two flash heads.
Bowens QuadX Flash Head - 400
Extra Flash head... very handy.
The QUADX Flash System carries a two-year warranty from January 07.
Bowens Wafer 140 Soft Box - 300
Includes adapter for QuadX Heads and Carry Bag
Bowens Wafer STRIP 140 Soft Box - 220
Includes adapter for QuadX Heads and Carry Bag
Bowens Wafer 75 Soft Box - 180
Includes adapter for QuadX Heads and Carry Bag
Bowens Universal Spot Attachment - 250
Bowens 65 deg Maxlite reflector with 3/8" Honeycomb Grid - 80
Calumet Heavy Duty Background Support - 125
2 x Calumet 9' Air Cushioned Stand - 70
1x Manfrotto / Calumet Boom arm with counterweight. - 50
Manfrotto Manual Boom stand - 200
Heavy duty with counter-weight.
Manfrotto Triaut Tripod - 150
Excellent Heavy duty tripod.
Manfrotto Pro Digital Geared Head (405) - 250
Excellent, precision head for Heavy 35mm SLR and Medium format cameras.
I live in the West London - Notting Hill, if you want to see the equipment before purchasing.
Please feel free to call or email me to ask any questions.
Kind regards.
Mobile: (44) 079 8007 2173

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