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Author Topic: Love your work - LLVJ download version  (Read 5547 times)


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Love your work - LLVJ download version
« on: May 29, 2007, 09:35:47 AM »

Having read some of the feedback, thought i'd throw in mine.

  I personally like the new download version, and have converted my subscription to it.  As well as on the PC, I also like to watch the LLVJ in the lounge room / projecter (2.1m) setup, however I use a home-theatre PC so watching it there is not an issue for me.   That being said, sign me up for supporting the idea of ISO download as well, as I would like to see the menus, and be able to archive it out to a DVD as well so its the same as the other 15 discs I have

Right now I can attribute our upcomming photographic trip to Iceland (May 2008), and my wifes desire to go to a couple of the other destinations, to watching the Video-journal with her.   (But then again, she is a documentry-a-holic!)

Unfortunatly for my bank-account, I can also attribute several new toys to the LLVJ as well!.   Thanks Michael/Chris for some great content, look forward to more in the future (and one day going on one of the expeditions !).  

I'd watch the LLVJ even if it was delivered on engraved stone tablets.


Mark Farnan
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