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Author Topic: No resume? Broken downloads  (Read 6188 times)


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No resume? Broken downloads
« on: April 26, 2007, 03:04:31 PM »

I am trying to download chapters, but i am getting disconnects, and their server has no resuming (This is such a bad idea) , so i need to start over everytime. And i have not gotten a successful download in last 5 hours.  On the other hand my download count  keeps  lowering  slowly. And it is my fault either. So what is going to happen if i cannot download a file even after 30 tries? My subscription will dry out?

I think that if i cannot get any downloads today i will ask my money back. Because i can download any file on the internet without any issue, even bigger files without any trouble, so i do not understand why my connection is not stable with LL`s servers.

Any ideas?
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