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Author Topic: Z3100 firmware update...tried to kill my printer!  (Read 1624 times)


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Z3100 firmware update...tried to kill my printer!
« on: April 21, 2007, 04:05:39 AM »

A little story ....

It's Saturday arvo and as I had the original firmware on my 44 inch Z3100 and decided it was an ideal time to update...that old carrot of even better prints!

We have the printer in a separate room so on my Mac via my ethernet set up, I do the driver update to 4.2.1 all okay and then tried the Mac firmware (the latest on the HP site TR12-RO_04_0200-2.....) and did everything to the letter...really. A dialogue says, you can see the progress on the printer's I duck in and it says "checking" then after a while... an error message comes up; "X 08:01 Restart the printer. If the problem persists, call support". oh ohh

Okay so I try the power button (top panel near LCD), doesn't work of course so then I turn it off at the back of the printer. Turn back on and now display says "0 %" (nothing loading from harddrive) and after awhile the same error message comes up!!! Try and try still the ominous "0"!

On my mac, the utilty won't launch now. That can't be good.

Of course after wading through HP site, remember it's Saturday so no phone support (never had to ring so far anyway) get to some on-line help chat section that says they don't support Mac!!

So now I'm stuck till Monday and then what? or so I thought!

After restarting a half a dozen more times, suddenly a % appears on the LCD, then a little more...there's a spark of hope!

"initializing" but error...must restart again...oh no!!! Restart then ...initialize again!!!!!...oh noooo! but hang, on it's gone though it's process and back to it's normal (pre drama) state. phew!

Looking at the error logs via the LCD, it says some un-critical data lost (maybe it's on that island?) so okay I hope, again.

Calibrate and do a new profile...all okay...fingers crossed!

Maybe HP want to test our faith by making us jump through a few hoops...I think I just scraped through...this time!

What's that old saying. if it ain't broke....!!!

Evo (stay tuned!)
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