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Author Topic: Comments & Constructive Criticism Please  (Read 8642 times)


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Comments & Constructive Criticism Please
« Reply #20 on: April 26, 2007, 08:45:26 PM »

As long as you don't mind burning/dodging, you might give the woman a cheap face lift by dodging the shadows in the creases in her face.  Not that she needs it ezpecailly, but vanity for free is a good thing.  I can't tell if I'm jus kiddin or not.

I wouldn't mess with the shadow on her neck.  Nothing there that really matters in a portrait.

As for the black thing growing from her head.  If you can't or don't want to clone it out. don't shoot it.  The important thing to learn, I think, is to look before you you leap.  If you don't want that thing and just can't part with it, don't shoot it.

A huge difference between a camera and the human eye, the camera records what is there, to a fault.  The human eye very nicely ignores the details.  Practice and learn to see what the camera sees.
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I think Howie is on to something here.  I'm still bored   so I downloaded the image and played around with editing along the lines he suggested.  Cloning out the black thingie makes a huge improvement.  In addition, I just noticed that there is another face which looks directly at the camera, though it is out of focus, and I find that this detracts from the impact of the photo.  A crop job on the guy in the bottom right, and a bit of the top of the picture maintains the format and improves the composition too.  The model is then moved a bit off center, providing more space in front of her.  Works for me, but there's no explaining "art."
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