Question: After using the Canon iPF5000 for more than a month...
I have had no technical issues - 30 (45.5%)
I have had minor technical issues, but am overall satisfied - 18 (27.3%)
I have had technical issues requiring a service call but am overall satisfied - 8 (12.1%)
I have had technical issues requiring two or more service calls but am overall satisfied - 6 (9.1%)
I have had major technical issues that made me question my purchase - 4 (6.1%)
Total Voters: 66

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Author Topic: POLL: Printing Experience with Canon iPF5000  (Read 7613 times)
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« Reply #20 on: April 14, 2007, 10:40:58 PM »

voted: no issues

I have put about 50 sheets of various sizes through the printer, and about 75 feet of a 17" roll, again with no issues so far.

Since I haven't taken the roll off and on much, I am wondering if I should just to exercise the roll feeder to ensure that if the gears are going to break, that they do so within the warranty period.

Aside from the crazy software, I am ecstatic about this printer so far.

All of this makes me worried though.
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