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Author Topic: I Keep Forgetting That I Have A Free Website Packa  (Read 2164 times)


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I Keep Forgetting That I Have A Free Website Packa
« on: March 16, 2007, 10:13:19 AM »

FREE - basic HTML website template for anyone wanting to get started building their website.

For those with limited funds or who would like to have a website up and running without having to build all of the HTML coded structure that goes in to every page (but who are also game to start digging in and learning some HTML and web design basics) - I have been providing my PSS : phpSimpleSite for many years. It is the next best thing to easy - in that all that is required is entering a few color variables for the website look, into a config page usinmg Notepad - - - and then again using Notepad simply adding elementary text and html content like <img> and <a href> tags to make up the page content, into a blank area for each page. One nice thing is that this is a traditional full page structure and also all pages are separate pages (not dynamically generated from one page) and so each can have it's own unique Search Engine relevant phrases.

It's not nearly as developed as my PCC : phpCrazySite and does not provide the Online Visual editing - but is totally capable of being the basis of the most complex website you could desire. IF you are wanting to expand your knowledge of HTML/CSS and web design, this website package gets you going with the basic structure to build on as you learn.


And you are also welcome to use my Free OPG: OnePageGallery for effortless proofing galleries. OPG it is a very Simple and Easy to impliment, customizable Preview Image Web Gallery that uses only one page to display any number of thumbnail and display images. Just drop the page into a folder of images and it automatically calculates how many images are in the folder and displays them correctly and ELEGANTLY:

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