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Author Topic: Canon LCD protection or ideas  (Read 12403 times)


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Canon LCD protection or ideas
« Reply #20 on: October 08, 2007, 11:32:05 PM »

I just purchased a Canon 5D (first digital camera) and have a couple of questions related to the LCD screen. 

1.  How do most people protect the LCD screen from scratching?
2.  Do devices like the Delkin eFilm Pop-up shades work?
3.  Is it easy to replace scratched LCD screens?
4.  Do LCD screens scratch easily?

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Hi Eric,

I've been using generic PDA screen protectors with no problem.  The Delkin devices aren't so great.  I tried one on my 1D and it really made the whole shooting experience uncomfortable, with the little door always pressed against my nose and cheek.  Another thing I've been doing on my non-metal bodies and lenses is to use gaffer tape on certain areas that are likely to be scratched like the body's bottom and front rims of lenses, etc.  It also removes without a residue (do not use duct tape).


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Canon LCD protection or ideas
« Reply #21 on: October 13, 2007, 06:46:08 PM »

After doing some additional research I went ahead and took the plunge and purchased the Giottos LCD lens protector mentioned in my previous post above.

After first doing a search on this forum and finding this thread and reading all the different methods folks are using...I knew I wanted something more.

I having nothing but respect for the ingenious/cost saving methods folks are employing and applaud you for your efforts.

I also agree that with reasonable care the LCD screen is likely to serve yoman duty without serious injury...

and while I tend to be a tad bit anal about "reasonable care" I respect "Murphy's Law"...

Anyway, according to this link...

"SCHOTT AG is a manufacturer of high-quality industrial glass products, such as fiber-optics and components used in flat panel displays.

They are well known by the photographic community for manufacturing the glass components of Zeiss and Schneider Kreuznach lenses as well as B+W filters"

Additionally I discovered that the "relative hardness" of Schott glass is approximately 50% more than "common glass" and approximately twice as hard as acrylic...

I suspect that many will be rightfully put off by the $25.00 "investment" in this piece...

I on the other hand view it from 4 angles...

1) I think the added protection speaks for itself

2)  The clarity of glass exceeds acrylic in most any form

3)  There will be times when using a T-Shirt (or other "at hand" material) will be necessary to clean the surface...I have fewer worries doing this on glass than plastic/acrylic

4) If for some reason this piece becomes CAN be replaced...for another $25.00 of course

While it is NOT going to be for IS somethng that some should consider...for it's merits...

Oh, and DANG this thing is THIN !!!
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