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Author Topic: Tethering Leaf with Lightroom 1.0  (Read 1458 times)


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Tethering Leaf with Lightroom 1.0
« on: February 19, 2007, 05:03:48 PM »

Just used the "Automatic Import"  with Lightroom to auto import files from a hot folder as soon as they are shot with the Leaf software v8.

Very much the same as with Lightroom Beta, it imports them OK, but it will not automatically display  the latest import on the screen, you need to press on the newly imported thumbnail to achieve that.


ADDENDUM: Paragraph above is wrong, it does automatically display the latest import, as I've just discovered, but you MUST be in LOUPE VIEW, (press hotkey E with a Mac.). This is a great addition that many were waiting for.


So basically Lightroom takes about 3 extra seconds to import the MOS file as it enters the import hot folder. Then a few extra seconds for full res 100% zoom.

3 extra seconds worth waiting for, because everything else happens much, much faster afterwards, viewing, scrolling, magnifying, making adjustments, cropping and finally processing,

Processing files is probably the best thing about using Lightroom, it's light years faster than LC10, and after getting familiar with Lightroom, I would say the final quality is about the same and sometimes better,  because with Lightroom, making adjustments is always a quick tweak, so you actually go for it. Certainly worth trying.

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