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Author Topic: best HP ipaq for Valeo  (Read 1951 times)


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best HP ipaq for Valeo
« on: February 17, 2007, 04:42:58 AM »

i just pick up a used Valeo22wi. Can anyone using it with the HP ipaq tell me which will be the best one to buy. By the way, i am planning to get a used one and i have a few question here:
1. Which model will have the best display? I play around with my friend's 2210 and the screen look a bit muddy and dark!!
2. Does the processor speed really matter with the DP-67 or even the lowest model's speed already outrun the bluetooth transmission.
3. Do we get better display with the newer model that have VGA monitor that comes with 640x480 resolution. The leaf sales told me that since the software only support up to 320x240 quality, you will get pixelized image with jagged edge even though it will be a brighter image due to the brightness of the new VGA mon. Is anyone using models with the 640x480 mon??
4.  How about usage time?  Because i know BT is hungry for power too!!

thank you
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best HP ipaq for Valeo
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2007, 11:59:01 AM »

I use an HP iPaq hx2415 with my Valeo 22wi and it works great most of the time. Battery life is good - I can generally get through a long shoot on one charged battery.

The screen on the 2415 is really nice. It's 320 x 240 but looks great.  

I found that most of the iPaq proccessors in the mid-to-high end are about the same. The differences come in the amount of ram. My iPaq only has 64 megs which is fine running Windows mobile 2003 but everything I've read states that you really need 128 megs to run Win mobile 5 which I would like to upgrade to.

My only real issues with the iPaq is it unpredictably drops the blue tooth connection. I usually keep the iPaq running and in a front shirt pocket or in my waist bag and some days it stays connected perfectly and others it drops the connection and has to be rebooted. There are times that after I've seen my first preview I just start shooting and say the hell with it.

Here's the specs for the hx2415 - you might be able to use this as a jumping off point comparing new iPaq's:

Anything you figure out regarding a newer iPaq I'd really appreciate you passing along.
Bob Croslin, Photographer
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