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Author Topic: Z3100 - Paper choices  (Read 1579 times)


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Z3100 - Paper choices
« on: February 09, 2007, 06:03:27 AM »

Now I want to collect some information about Paper on the z3100 and pherhaps even make a side from it.

Now I think we should do it like that:

I allowed my self to cpoy one of your posts as a start. ( mjgakatr )


Paper:                                              Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Paper
Size/roll used:                                   17 roll; 280gsm
Price(if still known):                           ?????
Roll Sizes available:                           ?????
Papersetting used for calibrtaion:        Satin/glossy/fine art paper/and so on

Some Facts:
- Calibrated and created profiles (with HP standart 500patches ??) with and without GE
- Even with GE on this paper there seemed to be some slight bronzing but others that saw the prints did not point it out.
- No roll marks or defects noted on prints
- quality fine ? or print quality or colour or whatever you think is impoertant....

I think all this information will be interesting for a lot of useres.
Also that they know in which sizes it is available and all that.
I have to go know but I will post some information about my papers.
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