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Author Topic: 4x6 Printer recommendations  (Read 1352 times)
Richard Marcellus
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« on: February 05, 2007, 08:50:58 PM »

My original model Epson PictureMate is dying after a couple of years of pumping out beautiful 4x6 glossy prints, and I am looking to replace it. I have a big printer with ImagePrint so I am not looking for another large carriage printer, just something small and convenient for good quality photo album prints.

Has anyone seen the output from Epson's new generation PictureMates with Claria Dye inks? The ink set seems to be archival, but I am not keen to move from a 6 colour pigment ink set to 4 colour dye if the gamut is reduced.

I am also interested in opinions of those with dye sub printers, which appear to be dominating the dedicated 4x6 market.


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