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Author Topic: To All the Nay Sayers 35Digi  (Read 63136 times)


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To All the Nay Sayers 35Digi
« Reply #40 on: January 28, 2007, 06:55:34 PM »

its not getting down to "the" camera... so i made some large architecture shootings mixing 4x5" with the old ( and great iso6  camera ) kodak slr, did some shootings with a 1ds2 or 5d with zoerk adapter and pentax 645 lenses and shoot now over 1 year with sinar mf backs and my gottschalt camera, at 1. still using canons for details but now completely with mf gear after buying a contax camera with many lenses.
all of this systems did not brought 1. class results  out of the box but with all of them i could work fine cause i invested enough work to make these cameras fit in my needs .....

the most important thing for my work is the look i can speak with digital, many motifs of my work look different than they did with film and i like that. that was the most important reason for working more and more digital,- so i would go  again with 35mm systems if i would not been convinced by my mf system. but this is not visible at all, even if canon would bring out now a 33mp camera together with sharp wideangles with moderate distortion.
for my work the mf solution together with the right camera and lenses is by far the best and easiest workflow i ever had,- so it saves time and delivers a quality and a language and a workflow which might be hard or impossible to reach with other gear.
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To All the Nay Sayers 35Digi
« Reply #41 on: January 28, 2007, 08:38:30 PM »


I understand. As for the general discussion here: To me, medium format is not just about quality. It's a certain feel and shooting style, and the available use of many different aspect ratios to minimize cropping while printing. I like using a big, awkward, and slow camera for many things. Even if Canon put out a 100MPixel camera that would give large negs a run for their money, it would still feel like a 35, and have the 35 aspect ratio, and thus be no replacement. If you want the 35 feel and composition with quality close to medium format, the new Canon may be worth'll be like a modern SLR version of the Mamiya Super 23 (one of my most beloved cameras). However, when I shoot medium format, I am after something else than just quality. I like the disciplined and restrained process of using the larger and slower equipment sometimes, and I really like being able to choose several aspect ratios with the same size of film. I have a 6x9 Mamiya, a 6x6 Mamiya, and a 6x7 Pentax. This gives great compositional selection without having to crop, as with 35. If you were to shoot a 35-style camera to crop for these formats, you would just reduce the quality even more. Shooting to crop is a real pet peeve of mine. It wastes quality and makes obtaining a nice composition a lot more difficult....for me, anyhow. I think that those who are looking for a medium format replacement from a 35-style camera are just lazy and confused when it gets down to it. They are after a certain shooting feel, which is a perfectly legitimate reason, but should not be confised with quality debates.

As for Annie Liebovitz... So-and-so uses such-and-such a camera is never a tactic that works on me...So-and-so is not me, and doesn't know what I want and prefer, and in most cases, so-and-so is working for hire, not for themself. If you have assisted for her, then you know that what camera she uses is not her main concern. The assistants do everything for her while she gets what she wants from the subject and trips the shutter. Early in her career, she would scream in excitement when picking up her film at labs just because something was on there at all. Her skill is with people and with concepts, not with photography, per se. I do not say this to minimize her work, but to make the point: Why would I look at what equipment she uses and even think about caring or about changing what I do? I can understand why she would make the switch from Mamiya to Canon digital...but I think its much more an issue of her current shooting style and of staying current than it is an issue of any quality consideration. 35 and MF are not the same things, and never will be. 35 format will always be the punk-assed red-headed step child of photography...and I mean this in the most loving way possible. It is a lovely format, and I use it pretty much every day, but has always been a shortcut to using larger formats. Not a shortcut witout use and without reason, but a shortcut nonetheless. There is way more to it than megapixel specs. I would never consider any camera with the 35mm feel to be a replacement for medium format, regardless of how many megapixels. All the new sensor will do is let those who love using 35 go bigger and/or get better quality at the same size. It's an advancement for 35 users, not a replacement for MF users.

All of this is childs play anyhow. 8X10 is where it's at.

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To All the Nay Sayers 35Digi
« Reply #42 on: January 28, 2007, 08:50:06 PM »


What's with all the attitude and anger?  Chill out man.  Calling people "idiots" is both impolite and immature.

What are you so insecure about?

Most of us think Canon is a good company and makes a good product.  

Feel Better?


Frank Poole
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