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Author Topic: Phase One raises upgrade prices...  (Read 8341 times)


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Phase One raises upgrade prices...
« Reply #20 on: January 10, 2007, 07:57:14 PM »

I too got the notice to the new upgrade price, for my type of work, I did not want to upgrade the first time at $6000 but now at $8000 what are they thinking? People that buy Phase One has a lot of money to give out? I do have a P45 and it has a very good imager. Most of the images, I don't even used the LLC correction. That is why I will not take another chance and get one that really need LLC corrections.

Correct.  As I said in my review here, when I bought the P30 recently, I actually "bought" the P30+.  Since the P30+ doesn't exist yet, you get the regular P30 as a "loaner" in the meantime.  So, in other words, I have already bought and paid for a P30+ -- I'm just waiting for it to ship.  It would have been several thousand dollars cheaper (I don't remember the exact difference) to just have bought the P30, rather than buying the P30+ and getting a "loaner" P30 while waiting.
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