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Author Topic: Michael--3HD question  (Read 14469 times)


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Michael--3HD question
« Reply #40 on: January 01, 2007, 11:44:55 AM »


I started out specifically saying I cannot speak about the H3D.  Sorry you got offended by my comparison.  It was not scientific, merely a comparison of equipment I had on set recently.

I do hope that the H3D is as fast as the P30 and Leaf Aptus.  That would be great.  Unfortuntately it is not for rent locally in Los Angeles.  I look forward to seeing it.  I can only presume that if it as great an improvement as everyone says then it will be in the rental department soon.
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I'm sorry - I didn't mean to come across that harsh.

What I see very frequently when photographers discuss Hasselblad is the same comparison that you brought up, which is comparing a product that is several generations back with the latest competition model. It seems to happen a lot, perhaps because dealers have been inconsistent about their committment to Imacon/Hasselblad in terms of keeping equipment updated.

We picked up Imacon in October, 2003 as a fully authorized dealer after selling Leaf, Sinar and Eyelike for many years prior (and still do). We have continually refreshed our inventory as the product line has evolved. From that process, we have been in a unique position to see the development - including all the stumbles - of their products as they have tried to catch up to their competitors. There is no question that Imacon took a while to get up to speed on digital back technology. The integration with Hasselblad - the mess that that company was - and the product line evolvement has also been a challenge.

We currently do not have any H1D's in our rental inventory. It's not that the H1D is a bad product per se, but compared to what is available today, it's inferior. Hasselblad has made significant strides with their product of late, particularly in the past 6 months, and I speak in terms of trouble-free operation, color fidelity, software features, and yes, capture speed. Anyone who hasn't shot with a Hasselblad product within the last 6 months is really looking at a different level of product.

Samy's is an authorized Hasselblad reseller. They should have something newer than an H1D in inventory. If you have trouble finding an H3D for rent or trial in Los Angeles, contact Hasselblad at 1-800-367-6434, etx. 1. Ask for Victor Noranjo.

Steve Hendrix
PPR Digital
Steve Hendrix
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