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Author Topic: Holiday Greetings to all, from KSG  (Read 1958 times)

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Holiday Greetings to all, from KSG
« on: December 19, 2006, 10:47:25 AM »

I could not find another way to share the Holidays and the coming new year with each of you; forgive me for intruding, please read on.

The inside text to one of the greeting cards I wrote late last year is listed below; the words in this card were written based one of my customerís replies, after I ask her to write a couple of things about anyone or subject for a greeting card. I told her I would show her what I can do based on her reply.  Her reply was: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST; EACH DAY MAY BE YOUR LAST. Her reply was not what I expected, I've listed the inside text, for that card below.  This card has inspried many. I hope you are blessed.

The past year has somehow slipped away. A new year approaches with
unknown events ahead. In our youth, we lived our lives without thought of how our choices would affect those we love; those around us. With age comes wisdom, sometimes wisdomís insight comes too late. Our deeds cannot be undone. We cannot go back and redo our past; so often we pray we could. As the new year approaches, review your life, make changes that will inspire the generation following so close behind you. Take each day and enjoy the beauty within each person. Their beauty is often buried beneath the weight of one event after another.

Reach out, lend them your ear, listen with an open mind. Every situation
affects someone, taking itís toil on relationships, health, or in finances, even upon our standing within the community. No one can say how they would react in another personís situation, should they encounter the same. Remember each choice we make affects not only ourselves, but more people than we could ever imagine! Inspire hope along the way!
                            ~LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST;
                           EACH DAY MAY BE YOUR LAST~

I am not totally up and running yet, but we are getting closer with each passing day; thanks to a lot of the information on this forum.

 May each of you enjoy life at its fullest; fulfilling each of your dreams. Happy Holidays from our family to each of you!
                                           Kindred Spirits Greetings
                                                    By letha darlene
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