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Author Topic: Views on HP LP3065?  (Read 1791 times)


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Views on HP LP3065?
« on: December 15, 2006, 10:11:02 AM »


Like many here, I'm toying with an LCD purchase and with years on a 21" CRT at 2048x1536, I'm really leaning towards 2560x1600 of 30" goodness in the form of the Apple HD, Dell 3007, or, most recently, the HP LP3065.

While there is commentary on all of these displays sprinkled across the web, there is no place where photographers, with calibration & profile software, have posted their comments.

So I'm wondering if those who have any one of these could post:

- what software you used to calibrate and profile (could you rely on DDC for calibration, was it easy, what were the results)
- OS (Windows or Mac)
- viewing angle issues
- build quality/dead pixel issues
- usability of features (inputs, HDCP, USB ports, etc)
- scaling (how does it deal with non-native resolutions)
- ability to deal with fast moving images like DVD and games ('cause you can't work on photos 24/7)
- have you tried comparing gamut with the Eizo's at the Eizo ColorEdge microsite (note that HP talks about 92% of the NTSC gamut, but I'm not sure how NTSC compares to Adobe(1998))

Any thoughts are welcome and thanks in advance.


PS - I didn't include the upcoming NEC 24" and 26" as they are only 1920x1200.
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