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Author Topic: ColorVision PrintFix  (Read 1345 times)
Henrik Paul
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« on: December 05, 2006, 02:32:42 PM »

I'm suspecting that Santa has me on his "nice" list in a HP B9180 sort-of-way, so the subject of calibration comes to mind. I already have calibrated my monitor with the ColorVision Spyder2, but the printer is what bothers me.

As I've understood it, the embedded spectrophotometer (did I get it right?) only ensures consistency between head-changes, but doesn't offer much in way of profiling. Also, if I've understood it right, there are some profiles that come with the bundle, but they seem not to be precise enough, thus extra profiling is necessary/recommended.

The question is: Has anyone tried out ColorVision PrintFix PLUS, and if so, how does it perform and is it really necessary to recalibrate my unit of the printer in question, if I decide to stick with HP-papers? How does the software work anyhow?
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