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Author Topic: What Do You Do with Your Medium Format Film Camera  (Read 7360 times)
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« Reply #20 on: November 16, 2006, 07:18:15 PM »

S'ok, I understand. I just bought mine & I love it!! Provia 400 looks I just have to buy an MF scanner...     
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Yes, there's definitely something more tactile and palpable about film that you don't get with digital, but I guess that's my luddite streak coming out!  For a long time I felt the Mamiya 7II to be the best camera I ever bought, I love it.

That's another dinosaur I have gathering dust - my Nikon 8000ED scanner.
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« Reply #21 on: November 17, 2006, 12:01:12 PM »

Bronica ETRSi with 40mm lens - used once past two years for wide-angle landscape shots.

YashicaMat 124G has been on consignment at local store for 2 years.
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« Reply #22 on: November 23, 2006, 12:01:41 AM »

Hasselblad 500ELX and Flexbody with 40, 50, 80, 120, 180, 250SA, 500APO.

My 1DsII sidelined my MF system big time but I have still found some use in BW work. I do not like a number of conversions from digital to monochrome if any extensive use of channel mixer is applied as the noise gets really bad. I do not know how anyone accepts those results. So if I want the effect of a red filter etc I much prefer monochrome film.

I am also experimenting with MF infrared, (Rollei)

Dr D White DDS BSc
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