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Author Topic: Adobe, Photoshop and Lightroom  (Read 10808 times)


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Adobe, Photoshop and Lightroom
« Reply #20 on: October 19, 2006, 09:07:19 PM »

Thanks Jeff, that is great information.

I will come in on the other side of the table. I rely on Photoshop and I will wait as long as necessary to have a version that works. I can't afford to have a version of Photoshop that brings my workflow to a halt.

The amount of time this is all taking is a bit unfortunate, but I think blame is equally shared at many different levels. My big concern will be shelling out for CS3 (yes, all of it, not just PS) and a new desktop and a laptop all at once.


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Adobe, Photoshop and Lightroom
« Reply #21 on: October 20, 2006, 03:59:11 AM »

Mr. Schewe looks and talks like someone who is VERY well fed by Adobe.
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If by "fed" you mean I have highly unusual access and knowledge of the goings on at Apple and Adobe, yes...guilty as charged. I know a lot of the people involved at Adobe and Apple and I'm pretty well informed.

If by "fed" you mean that Adobe pays me to be an advocate, that's wrong. The only money I have received from Adobe to-date, is to write educational papers (as well as other experts such as Bruce Fraser, JP Caponigro, Karl Lang, Andrew Rodney and even Michael) and on rare occasions, such as Photo Expo, speak in their booth.

Hardly enough to alter either my opinions-which are my own-or my ethics.

No...I tend to defend Adobe (and Apple) against the ignorance or prejudice I often see from people a bit shy of having a real clue. So, only the clueless need worry about me.


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Adobe, Photoshop and Lightroom
« Reply #22 on: October 20, 2006, 04:20:20 AM »

I wonder how many of you out there, using Photoshop and Intel Macs, are getting fed up with Adobe's blatant "We don't give a flying $%^& about you"...

As for myself - I am going to boycott Adobe's products until they get the Intel Version out - and by then, maybe..

I can but pray that Apple - or someone else - will come out with a Photoshop killer - I will jump on it in an instant - so no Lightroom for me - I bought Aperture - do you hear me Adobe?

How long would it take them to make a universal version do you think - how long have they had?

They now say May 2007!


I am ticked - to use a polite expression - very, very ticked - I find the way Adobe is handling this incredibly offensive towards their base of loyal customers..

I am one of those who has had Photoshop since 1.0!

Treat ME and ALL your customers right and they will buy your products - you don't and they will jump ship at the first opportunity.

I've jumped once now with Aperture - and I am sure many more will in the future - the anger out there is growing.

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You know what.  APERTURE SUCKS        even at v 1.5 .          APPLE cares but it seems to have stuck on over-complication on its interface - NOT good at all for LAPTOP as it does benefit from dual screens.

CAPTURE ONE 3.7.5 all the way.  

Adobe Lightroom is actually better than APERTURE        in many ways - especially PRINTING.  

I do hate the idea that Adobe does NOT give a flying @%&* about Adobe CS 3 for Intel MAC!!!???
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James DeMoss

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Adobe, Photoshop and Lightroom
« Reply #23 on: October 20, 2006, 06:20:56 AM »

That's un called for and strikes me as somewhat mean. Personally I welcome Mr. Schewe's participation in this group
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UHhhh... that's was a joke. Mr Schewe offers great support and feedback on the the ADOBE forums and here as well.

Cheerrs ;-)


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