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Author Topic: Does the X1D resolve better than 8 x 10 film?  (Read 1759 times)


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Re: Does the X1D resolve better than 8 x 10 film?
« Reply #20 on: June 01, 2018, 04:39:26 PM »

I am a bit late to that party but, from several visits to museums with large prints from sheet film and MF cameras, I would estimate 8 x 10 to be around 100 mpix, and even a bit more for B&W. That is when I consider the resolution of fine details only. On other aspects, the mediums are visually different.

An aspect which I did not see in this thread is the compromise between depth of field and diffraction. To get adequate depth of field on 8 x 10, one has to close the aperture to f/32 or even more on most subjects. In turn, that implies that resolution is limited by diffraction to something around 100-150 mpix. The limit is not that much different for digital MF. There is no limit when taking pictures of flat subject or when everything is infinitely far, because we don't need depth of field then. But for 3-dimensional subjects and taking into account individual tastes as to what depth of field is desired, probably an upper limit on resolution is also to be expected and that limit is independent of the format.
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