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Colour Space choice
« Reply #20 on: November 15, 2006, 04:38:49 AM »

Personally I'd like to be able to tell LR I want to see the numbers and histogram based one of the three working spaces it supports just like I can tell ACR to update this based on one of the four working space it supports. I don't think I'll see that.

I'd like to see that too, for the exact same reasons you spell out in your article for Adobe, namely:

Working space selections in Camera Raw
When you process RAW files from a digital camera, there are two distinct operations that take
place. The first is called rendering. Rendering is the process of altering the various controls and
sliders in Camera Raw to produce a pleasing image. The second operation is called encoding.
Encoding is the step whereby the rendered data is converted into a selected color space. Camera
Raw allows you to view the scene gamut based upon useful feedback in its histogram, which
updates as you select one of the four supported RGB working spaces: sRGB, ColorMatch RGB,
Adobe RGB (1998), or ProPhoto RGB. Most users familiar with a histogram recognize how it
can show highlight or shadow clipping. If you see a white spike on either end of the histogram,
either a shadow or highlight is clipped. The histogram in Camera Raw can also show saturation
clipping, which can indicate if the scene data is out of gamut based on the current rendering and
encoding. Suppose you see a red spike on one end of the histogram as seen in Figure 10. This
spike indicates the red channel is clipped based on the current working space. You could lower
the Saturation slider to alter the rendering of the image, but you might like the color appearance
and instead try a wider gamut working space in an attempt to encode that saturated color.

Namely I'd like to be able to tailor the gamut of the image by selecting a particular output colorspace.

Guess I better listen to the podcast.
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