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Author Topic: Faster Downloads with a PowerBook G4  (Read 1834 times)
Fred Ragland
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« on: September 25, 2006, 02:58:58 PM »

Many of us use PowerBook G4 laptops.  Downloading cards with a pc card adapter takes a very long time.  When traveling, its worth the inconvenience to carry a Fire Wire reader for quick downloads in the motel at the end of the day.

Soon after I bought the PowerBook, I also bought a Delkin CardBus 32 pc card adapter to speed up downloads, but it wasn't compatible with OSX...so it set in the closet until this week when I noticed that Delkin had come out with pc card adapters for the MacBook Pro.  On their download site I also found software released recently for using the CardBus 32 adapter with OSX on a PowerBook.

I downloaded the driver and started testing.  Download speed with a variety of San Disk and Lexar cards greatly improved, and without problems.  

The Fire Wire reader is staying home on my next trip.
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