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Author Topic: e75 full resolution files  (Read 2280 times)


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e75 full resolution files
« on: September 24, 2006, 05:14:39 AM »

starting from now on i will post sometimes new full resolution shots, mostly done with the e75,rodenstock lenses ( 28hr/35hr/45/60hr/90+135) and my shift camera.
you can download the files in good quality ( jpeg11 ) from :

i start here with a temple shot, converted to DNG with brumbaers emotionDNG konverter,- than konverted in ACR with a lo color noise reduction of 12 ( default is 25 ).

lense was the 60/HR rodenstock , shifted up slightly around 10mm, iso50 , 9 second,

i have not seen files before which can handle as good highlight and blooming situations as the e75,- i think esp. therefore this shot is a good test cause you have many reflections in the golden colors and also at the corner exterior light comes in. the dng konverter can now handle an effective highlight recovery without bringing in magenta casts,- a great improvement in practical work because you dont have to care highlight clipping.

for the tendency of the new dalsa chips to have color casts ( as previously only known from kodak sensors ), i started to shoot white shots. i was very sceptical about this way to work i begun to do so,- bit it depends mainly on the software how complicate is coming out this,- the shot is not the problem ,- you can do it fast after changing a lense. the problem is how it is integrated in the workflow.
the emotiondng converter allows here automatic batch processing, which brings in the processing chain now automatically the white references in the right order, if shot subsequent before every motif.
you come out with a completely grey image from corner to corner without any light fall off or color cast.
the converter creates now together with the e75 files which looks absolute even grey over the whole sensor size. furthermore the so called " centerfold issue from actual dalsa chips is corrected also.....

to demonstrate i posted also a ( size reduced ) grey shot with the 28/HR lense from rodenstock. shifted down 8mm, f8/ 8seconds exp / iso 50 / e75.
the shot was taken under difficult lightning, roof light only,  from fluorescent light sources.

the konverter works with all e22 and e75 emotion raw files as well as with capture shop or capture pro files.
stephan hess improved with much work during the last months in closed cooperation with me his original version of the DNGconverter, i think its now a powerfull tool which can bring huge improvements to the final image quality,- if desired.
you can download the actual versions of the programm on Stephans wensite:
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