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Author Topic: Epson 4000 Firmware Update  (Read 3302 times)


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Epson 4000 Firmware Update
« on: August 24, 2006, 08:58:13 AM »

I just found this..
Epson 4000, Firmware Update version l01564_q.upg
Windows XP, Windows 2000
epson11908.exe - 923.5KB - posted on 06/28/06

Epson 4000 Firmware Update
paul b. kramarchyk
Barkhamsted, Connecticut, USA

Tim Gray

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Epson 4000 Firmware Update
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2006, 07:37:19 PM »

Thanks for the heads up.
from the PDF:

Enhancements included in this version are:
• Updated media support tables.
• Improved ink management capabilites.
• The pump motor life is extended.
• The capacity of the maintenance tank is increased.
• At power up, a sheet is no longer fed from the paper tray.
• Corrects image centering printing at 1440dpi on Single Weight Matte, Enhanced Matte, Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper, and
Archival Matte sheet media.
• “Communication Errors” via a FireWire IEEE1394 connection under Mac OS X and Windows XP are corrected.
• The message “DRIVER INK SETTING IS WRONG” is displayed if their is a mismatch between the printers panel ink
setting and the driver setting. Previously a command error was reported.
• To reduce noise when the printer is turned on, the fan on the main board is turned off.
• “UNLOCK PRINT HEAD” is displayed before the initial ink charge if the carriage is locked.
• Corrects the condition that resulted in a maintenance call “0080” (date and time not set) when the printer is first turned
• Custom paper configuration can be enabled in the Driver or the printers Custom Paper Menu selection not both.
• A paper size error no longer occurs when switching between manual feed and the paper cassette when the paper feed
button is used.
• The noise associated with loading Roll paper is reduced.
• Nozzle loss caused by a print head cleaning is improved by a change to the print head cleaning process.
• When the printer is idle the fan on the main board is turned off making the printer quieter.
• Tracing paper media support improved.
• Corrects Service Request 00010007 (carriage motor timing) when the printer is powered on.
• When loading media eliminates damage to the leading edge of the media.
• The “Auto Nozzle Check” from the EPSON Service Utility 2 now functions correctly and ejects the media.
• Ink smudges on the edges of the media are eliminated when performing border less printing.
• The print head cleaning operation was modified to correct issues related to nozzle loss, air bubbles on the cap assembly,
and cross color contamination.
• Yellow now prints correctly at the right side of an image when the image size is 1.1mm wider then the media.
• Horizontal banding is corrected for the following medias: Single weight Matte Paper, Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper,
Premium Luster Photo Paper (250) Roll, Premium Luster Photo Paper (250) Cut sheet, and Premium Semimatte Photo
Paper (250) Cut sheet by improvements made to the paper feed adjustment values for each media.
• An additional Yellow test pattern was added to the auto nozzle.
• Erroneous paper eject service request 00010033 error is corrected by reducing chatter in the paper eject system.
• The Dual CMYK ink set change function is removed. (Dual CMYK is not a supported model in the US)
• Automatic Sheet Feeder service request message 00010031 is now reported correctly.
• Auto nozzle check pattern, Auto Uni-d/Bi-d adjustment, Status sheet, and the Job information sheet print correctly on
any size media.
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