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Author Topic: Pentax 645z vs Fuji GFX  (Read 494 times)


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Pentax 645z vs Fuji GFX
« on: July 15, 2017, 06:30:35 PM »

I have been shooting architecture with the Pentax 645Z for the past few years. Most of the time I work with the 28-45 zoom and I feel that this camera & lens combo works pretty well for my style of photography. I am very curious about the GFX for several reasons. First, to me, size matters. The Pentax with the 28-45 is a beast of a camera. If the Fuji with the 32-64, or possibly wide angle Nikon or Canon glass was significantly smaller or lighter, I might be tempted to switch for that reason alone. Secondly, for times when I am un-tethered and off-tripod, I really like to see a live histogram in the viewfinder. So having that in the EVF with the Fuji is a big plus. Finally, the versatility of the Fuji, with lenses and tech camera options is also a very attractive feature.
The two questions I have are 1) are the current Fuji GFX users finding the GFX to be reliable? For the past two years of heavy use I have found the Pentax to be bulletproof and I am interested in the Fuji users experience so far. Second question concerns image quality, hard to tell from inner web example and I will only know until I test for myself, but it appears that the Fuji out performs the Pentax when it comes to high ISO performance and sharpness. Could that be true or am I just trying to rationalize a "new toy" purchase. Very interested in what you all think.
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