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Author Topic: DNG Profile Editor vs Rawtherapee 4.2.1 - different look with the same profile.  (Read 673 times)


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the case is:
a test shot containing a person with the SpyderChekr24 was shot at around the dusk, shadow northern side, no direct sun, just the diffuse skylight, WB off the Spyderchekr D4 - middle gray.
The same matrix-only  DNG profile (Test) produced in DNG Profile Editor by tweaking the color matrix is used.
RT WB - 13687, 0.739
DNG Profile Editor WB - 9400/26.
The Linear curve is used in the DNG Profile Editor for the DNG converter produced DNG file.
The Neutral Exposure along with the (Test) dng profile are used for the RAW file.
The skin tone and the red in the spyderchekr (C4) look different between the RT and DNG profile editor. RT is set to use the default system color profile.
Can provide a cropped RT render, but that seems to be useless as you cannot render expoerts off the DNG Profile Editor.   
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