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Author Topic: Film Photogs: How do you air-travel with your rolls of film?  (Read 331 times)


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I have come to the conclusion that I need to bring all of my rolls of film as a carry-on bag because of the much less intense x-ray scanning that the carry-on bags receive. If I'm wrong about that tell me now, please! Two years ago I asked a security checkpoint guard about my films, as I didn't want them x-rayed. He was pretty friendly about it and told me that he recommended I never ask for rolls of film to be inspected individually to avoid x-rays. "You're going to delay yourself a long while while we swab. We don't have time for that and neither do you. Run your film through carry-on x-rays, they're light, and films up to 800 ISO are fine."

Well, he was right. Even 1600 Fuji color and 3200 Ilford B/W made it through just fine. No ill effects.

Multiple flights per tour, multiple x-rays of my carry-on luggage with my films. Always good.

But what if I want to bring like 150 rolls of film? That's just too big and too heavy for carry-on.

How to pro film-shooters do it?


I started my journey with digital... couldn't believe how sharp my photos were... was introduced to film... couldn't believe how much sharpness didn't matter.
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