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Author Topic: Broncolor Move or Profoto B4 - Reliability / Service etc.  (Read 1493 times)


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Re: Broncolor Move or Profoto B4 - Reliability / Service etc.
« Reply #20 on: August 10, 2017, 05:01:58 PM »

I am quite happy with the Godox 360, which offers a fantastic trade-off when it comes to power against weight (or cost, for that matter). The flash tube design is also very good for efficiently filling a modifier.  In practical terms, it competes against the Quadra. The Godox 600 offers less than a stop more power than the 360 in practical terms.

The problem is, none of these Godox units (nor the 400-425WS Elinchrom Quadras, nor the Profoto B1 or B2) is in the same ballpark as the units we are discussing here, which are 1100 to 1200WS. To be clear, WS are about how much power is released, and are not a direct measure of light. There is, so far, no great way to compare relative power between manufacturers. But it does give you a sense of the ballpark.

Remember, you need to double your light output for one extra stop of light.

This may not sound like it matters a lot, but this specific power point hits a sweet spot when competing with sunlight, which is a much more common application for a battery powered pack system.  These units combined with an appropriate modifier are the business.

In the case of Elinchrom, the MaxiSpot, MaxiLite and High Performance (HP) reflectors maximize output. Properly set up, the 27" deep Octas do well for what they are (just don't use all the diffusion).

There are options of this sort from other brands.
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