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Author Topic: Sonnar 180/F4CF. Sinar Handy. Koni Omegaflex -2lenses & 2finders. Welta Perfekta  (Read 445 times)


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1. Hasselblad Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar 180mm/F4 CF lens for Hasselblad 500 series.

_ Excellent condition.
_ All apertures work fine.
_ Shutters properly.
_ Free scratches, no haze, no fungus, no foggy, no cleaning marks. Free oil on blades.
_ Included both original lens cap.

_  NOT included original box.

Price: $585
FREE worldwide shipping with insurance and tracking.

Please see the lens here:[email protected]/albums/72157679157042924/with/33821618612/

2. Fuji GX680 iii + GXM 100/F4 lens.

_ Excellent condition.
_ Working fine all functions.
_ All movements are smooth
_ All shutter speeds are good.
_ No oil on the blades.
_ Glasses are clean & clear. No fungus, no haze, no foggy, no scratches.
_ Wide angle below is good.
_ Finder is clean & bright.
_ Rotate back is fine.
_ Included: original front lens cap (not rear). Bonus Hoya UV filter.

Please see my Flickr:[email protected]/sets/72157682481720105

Price: $1000 included FREE worldwide shipping with insurance & tracking.

3. .Koni Omegaflex M body.
   .2 lenses 90/3.5 & 135/3.5.
   .2 finders: reflex 2.8X & magnifier 3x.
   .Back 120 roll film.
RARE TLR 6x7 medium camera. Hard to find.

_ Everything working fine all functions.
_ All shutters of both lenses are working properly.
_ Both lenses are clean & clear. No oil.
_ View is bright & clean.
_ Both lenses included original lens cap.
_ Both finders included original leather case.
_ Lens 135/3.5 included original leather case and strap.
_ Camera is excellent conditon.
_ Film counter of back is good, exactly.
_ View hood finder included.

   Price: $1900 included FREE worldwide shipping with insurance & tracking.

Please see my Flickr:[email protected]/sets/72157681904058640

4. Sinar Handy 4x5 large format. Very rare, large format handheld.

WTS: Sinar Handy 4x5 large format, hand grip shutter cable + Schneider APO symmar 120/5.6 lens + Sinar multi viewfinder.

_ Working fine.
_ Focusing helicoid & movement are smooth.
_ Lens & viewfinder are clean & clear.
_ Lens does not haze, no foggy, no scratches, no fungus. All shutters work exactly.
_ Ground glass is clean.

  Price: $1900 accept offer
FREE world wide shipping with insurance & tracking.

Please see Flickr:[email protected]/albums/72157683862734175

5. Welta Perfekta TLR 66 Folding.

_ Working fine all functions. Film counter work good.
_ Mechanics is fine and nice.
_ Focusing screen and glasses are clean & clear.
_ Replaced the mirror as original.
_ Focusing is smooth.
_ Lens: no haze, no fungus, no foggy. No oil.

    Price: $500 included FREE worldwide shipping with insurance & tracking.
  See it here:[email protected]/albums/72157681945333180

       Prefer Paypal.
        _ Delivery 5-7 working days.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading!
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SOLD: 1-2-3-5

Still available: Sinar Handy kit 4x5 large format and REDUCED: $1300 included FREE shipping.
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