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Author Topic: Re-Limiting a Limited Edition?  (Read 1343 times)


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Re: Re-Limiting a Limited Edition?
« Reply #20 on: May 18, 2017, 08:04:36 PM »

I have been in the fine art business for 20 years.
I have handled both limited edition prints and original works of art.

Each limited edition you release should be accompanied by a disclosure, many publisher make a certificate of authenticity to satisfy this need, as long as the leagally required information is included in the certificate, this would normally be ok. Selling limited editions is some states require a disclousre, this is to protect the buyer and to fully express and inform them of what they are purchasing. Some states do not.
At any rate publishers us various methods to define the body or run of an edition.
Changing the limited edition run from 50 to 10 or any other amount is not something that would be considered normal or proffesional.
Issuing a fancy card stock letter to the collectors that bought a signed and numbered x/50 which has now been conveted to a x/10 or x/5 or x/1000 or whatever is most likely illegal in the context of a courtroom.
It would be ok to run a small edition of artist proofs and release this as AP x/10 or whatever (generally 10% of a print run can be reserved as artists proofs, but there is no fixed amount)

Youre really better of just continuing the edition of 50 and moving on.

If you want to test the waters on a limited edition, it is far better to release a small body of artists proofs say ten pieces labeled AP 1/10- AP 10/10 then there is no harm done to the regular edition or your collectors or your reputation as a publisher.
You could then release a regular edition in almost any size you wanted.
A typical disclosure includes this information:
Artist name
Size of the print
Printed at
Printed on
Year released
Clarification of signature IE: hand signed by the artist, and where it is signed, front back left right corner etc
Numbering of the edition
Number of artist proofs
Number or printers proofs
Number of HC
Number of other designated pieces
Total number of pieces in the edition
Whether any other editions of this piece exist and what they were
Whether the piece has been used in any format such as licensed matirials or advertising or promotional print matter for the artist.
Address of the publisher
The required information is fairly inclusive and legally binding.

At any rate, thats my take on it.
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