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Author Topic: Moving CS5 and LR4 from PC to Mac  (Read 601 times)


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Moving CS5 and LR4 from PC to Mac
« on: April 11, 2017, 12:40:21 PM »

As my nearly 10 year old ACD23" is showing shadows all over the screen I was tempted by a good deal to buy a refurb 27" imac. Adobe customer support is a complete nightmare for people not in the USA and I can't find out whether I can transfer CS5 and LR4 across to mac - they are both on CD, I have the product keys, but both were upgrades from earlier versions.  Any ideas?

Is it correct you can run these in a Win shell on macs?

If neither of these options is available I'll probably have to get some new software - DXO is reasonably priced and I don't really need the file management aspects of Lightroom which I never got on with anyway, sticking with Bridge/Photoshop.


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