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Author Topic: This Couple Makes Up To $9000 Per Instagram Photo While Traveling, And Here’s Ho  (Read 2064 times)


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And then not mentioned in this thread and not factored into cost is the possibility of being in a life changing traffic fatality along the way.

This is part of the deal, though, for anyone who travels anywhere by car or who happens to be where cars also are. My favorite coffee shop (where I am currently) is located just off a busy 5-lane road where accidents are not uncommon. A couple years ago a regular customer here was hit and killed while trying to cross the road on foot. You play the odds every time you get behind the wheel or have to contend with other folks who've done so.

The grind of travel (airports & planes in particular) can be wearying for sure once the novelty wears off. Being a commercial pilot or driver would probably kill off my travel joy completely.

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