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Author Topic: Dishonesty at Hasselblad service repair in Sweden?  (Read 466 times)


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Dishonesty at Hasselblad service repair in Sweden?
« on: March 19, 2017, 09:39:38 PM »

I just want to report what happened when trying to get my H4D-60 back repaired by the Hasselblad service repair headquarter in Sweden.

I sent it  in ( through the official hasselblad distributor in Switzerland Light + Byte) because there was a crack on the glass protecting  the sensor .
I asked for an estimate on the repair costs and also ask for an update to the H6D-100c suggesting that they could just subtract the repair costs from the trade in prices for the H6D-100c.
My H4D-60 was perfectly working.The pictures were perfectly on phocus but alas there was the crack glass mark on every photo taken.
I suggested   Hasselblad  to change the protection sensor glass and change the IR filter in order to  perform a new calibration of the back.

The answer I got from Hasselblad is the following:

"The IR filter is cracked which will result in scratches to the sensor when removed, a sensor replacement is therefore required (8837 CHF). In-addition the display, shell assembly and IF plate must also be replaced. It is beyond economical repair (in excess of 13,000 CHF), hence the CPO offer."
Mind you that CHF 1 = $1

Reading their answer I was shocked cause there was no point in getting my camera repaired and the trade in I was offered seemed to me just ridiculous.

"If you like to use a camera for a trade-in you have the possibility to trade-in the H5D-60 to a H6D-10"
According to them I should have trade-in my broken camera and get a H5D-60 and then trade-in the H5D-60 to get the new H6D-100c for a total cost of  $ 32445.
What a crazy offer is that?
I am not surprised that Hasselblad has got financial problem if their financial strategies look like the above suggestion.

I declined the offer and got my camera sent to the Hasselblad  Bron INC. in NJ where they managed to repair my camera for only $880 (they replaced the broken sensor protection glass and the IR filter as I suggested).
There is a huge difference between the $13'000  repair cost from Sweden and the $880 actually paid in NJ (USA).
I put a question mark on the subject title of this topic and I leave it to you to decide if it is redundant.

 By the way  I managed to trade-in my repaired H4D-60 to the new H6D-100c which has arrived to my home a couple of days ago.
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Re: Dishonesty at Hasselblad service repair in Sweden?
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 09:50:16 PM »

Very lucky after all, Sweden most likely quoted you for the worst case scenario.
Your better off with the 100
You cracked the glass on you old back!
Have fun look forward it's up to you if you want to redact this post?
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