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Author Topic: Some image samples that may be usable for checking profiles…  (Read 988 times)


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I happened to shoot some images that may or may not be useful checking out profiles.

The subject is my Götschmann projector with a ColorChecker include and myself as a size reference. Illumination is the small Elinchrome studio flashes with soft boxes on two and a honeycomb on the third one.

The files are here:

Included right now is:

  • Raw files Phase One P45+ and Sony A7rII
  • Renderings of the raws in LR CC, using my own profiles made with DCamProf
  • Some face skin samples measured by the ColourMunki
  • Some skin samples from the back side of my hand, more uniform than face
  • Somples with spectral data on black shirt

Some observations:

- I feel skin tones a bit orange
- Black shirt has tendencies to magenta brown shift this is the reason I measured spectral reflection
- The black has significant reflectance in near IR region, as expected :-(

Check also this thread:

All images in that folder are free to use in any context regarding colour management/colour rendition.

Best regards
Erik Kaffehr

Jack Hogan

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Re: Some image samples that may be usable for checking profiles…
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 12:47:42 PM »

Hi Erik,

Thanks for doing this.  I like #3 from the linked thread best.

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