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Author Topic: photoshop cc 2015 merge to hdr  (Read 586 times)


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photoshop cc 2015 merge to hdr
« on: March 14, 2017, 11:53:31 AM »

hello.  so i have 1 tif file that is 16bit depth. the photo is an interior shot, with windows showing the exterior.  they wanted me to make the exterior more "visible" and colorful.

1. i opened the 1 tif file and duplicated it. then i adjusted it so the sky outside the windows looked good.
2. i saved both files and in photoshop used the automate > merge to hdr
3. i selected 16bit with local adaptation, and left the original image to it's exposure settings, then with the adjusted version (the one i duplicated) set the fstop to be 8 instead of the original image's 4.  these settings were within the dialogs to merge to hdr pro.
4. i continued in the dialog, setting the saturation level to where i was happy with it, and that was pretty much the only tweak i had to make

like i said, i was pretty happy with how the large preview looked, a little surprised because it seemed way too easy :)  but then i clicked the "ok" button in the dialog and the image came into a new photoshop document, 16bit but all the deep shadows were a darker blue!  i noticed it also came in as sRGB profile, vs. the original (and duplicated image) aRGB.  sRGB is my current working space.

so, why was it perfect in the large preview window, then actually had the blue shaodws.  for example, there was a chair closer to the camera, further from the windows, and the area of shadows near the floor/bottom of the chair were that deep blue instead of grey or black.

ultimately i dropped that "blue shadow" image on top of the original (which was exposed for interior) and masked out some areas and used the de-saturate tool to get rid of the blue.

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