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Author Topic: Proper underwater housing for iPhone  (Read 820 times)


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Proper underwater housing for iPhone
« on: February 13, 2017, 11:19:41 AM »

Hi everyone,

Let me first start by telling you that I have no link whatsoever with the project I am about to describe, I am only one of their backers.

While I am generally against the inclusion of smartphones in the world of professional photography, there is only so much one can accept to spend on shooting equipment.
When it comes to underwater photography, bringing your favourite kit for a dive will usually cost you at least as much as the kit itself, because of the high price of professional housings and domes, and when you are a casual diver like I am, you do not want to over-invest in the stuff for a couple of outings a year.
I was doing some research for my future diving holidays in the Philippines and I came across this project:

While the iPhone still image quality is not that impressive, it's a great 4k video camera for those who don't shoot Log and colour grade their shots in post.
I am posting this on the forum in case there are other people like me trying to find a proper solution, not just your typical splash proof case.
This link is for their iPhone 7 and 7 plus campaign, if you have another model just visit their regular website:
Have a great day,

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