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Author Topic: LR 2015.8 - Is it Bug Free?  (Read 8939 times)


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Re: LR 2015.8 - Is it Bug Free?
« Reply #60 on: January 18, 2017, 11:09:15 AM »

... I'm tempted to think that rapid bug repair could well be a valuable marketing point. Marketed properly, it would reduce peoples' expectations of getting bug-free software, but increase their confidence that once bugs are reported and acknowledged they will be fixed in a reasonable and roughly predictable time period.

I agree that no software can ever be totally bug free. But I also agree that a determined mindset to squash as many bugs as humanly possible as quickly as humanly possible could very well be an extremely valuable marketing tool. I also think that new features need not be hampered or delayed significantly due to bug fixing. The two items need not be mutually exclusive. In a good business model, there should be ample motivation to accomplish both.

If the Adobe marketing department can go to the effort to send me an email touting the 'professional caliber' capability slideshows that can be created in Lightroom (which almost made me choke on the coffee I was sipping at the time) .... surely that team is creative enough to promote such an emphasis for prompt bug squashing that would benefit far more Lr users than does the current dismal Slideshow module.
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