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Author Topic: Bejing/ china in july - getiing to the China Wall  (Read 9996 times)


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Bejing/ china in july - getiing to the China Wall
« Reply #20 on: June 26, 2006, 01:18:23 AM »

hi Bernard.

could you please expand on this? which pano head did you use? how did you position the lense to the correct nodal position? on a slide?

kind regards,
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Hi Gregory,

I used the Really Right Stuff spherical pano head. It comes with a rail that enables you to position the camera long the axis of the lens.

Hope that it helps,

A few images online here!

Jann Lipka

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Bejing/ china in july - getiing to the China Wall
« Reply #21 on: July 20, 2006, 03:39:01 AM »

Thanks everyone for trip suggestions .
We were a group ( 2 families ) with total of 7 persons ( from 12 to 49 years old )
we ended up renting a minibuss for 1000 RMB ( about 125 USD )
( Tickets for the entrance were almost as expensive )

and going to Badaling - We could ask the driver for another location -
but my son and daughter were slightly sick so we went for the simplest climb.

We came to the place on monday around 12 oclock hoping for less crowd .

The place is TOURISTY - frankly all must sees in Beijing and around  
are very very very crowded with people
- mostly Chinese tourist groups - not many western tourists at all.

My trip to china was  a  very special experience .

A lot of nice and less nice things like my cellphone was stolen , and we
got some fake 50 RMB note change, but also interesting food experience
( a real surprise ), fun  shopping with a lot of haggling
 ( completely remote to our swedish reality )

China is definetely a great photo location ( i was only in Beijing )

very interesting  repetitive event was many people asking for a photo
beiing shot of their kid by them with my son placed together like
some kind of a mascot
( most of the time my son 12 years thought it was fun - he is
not camera shy :-))
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